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Ice Fishing Bucket Bracket


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There is a lot of gear when it comes to ice fishing. We got a solution to handle that gear. The Bucket Bracket will secure your gear while you ride. Fabricated from brushed alloy aluminum with a lifetime warranty. We designed the Bucket Bracket with ease of use in mind. You’ll wonder how you lived without this after you try it.

It will attach to ATV tubular or composite racks, UTV rear boxes, snowmobile rear lift bars, directly to your pickup bed, or even to your trailer deck.

The bucket bracket allows easy use with buckets, coolers, gas cans, propane tanks.

The Universal Gear Bracket Allows For: safe and easy transport of you’re fishing bucket, cooler, gas container, propane tank and many other items.
Hardware Included For Easy Attachment To: ATV Tubular racks, ATV Composite racks, UTV rear transport boxes, Snowmobile rear lift bars, Pick up beds, Trailer decks and more!
Designed for easy 5 second removal and placement.
Fabricated from high strength brushed alloy aluminum.
Life time warranty.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 7 in