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Auger Mount for ATV, Snowmobile, or UTV



ice fishing auger mount for carrying - sled atv four wheeler

Be able to bring your auger with you easily. If you enjoy ice fishing, you need the auger to cut the hole through the ice. This will allow you to easily access the fish underneath. How are you going to get the auger from your home to the fishing site, though?

Augers are very heavy, sharp tools that you need to take caution with. With this in mind, there is a way to carry your auger around with you – wherever you go.

With a Universal Auger Mount, you’re able to easily and quickly move your auger from point A to point B. Drive your four wheeler, snowmobile or UTV to where you need to go, but always ensure that your auger is safely secured in the sandwich mount. Just clamp it over the auger, and you’re off.

Even if you have to drive over tough terrain, carrying your tackle, poles and auger with you is a must. Even add a trailer on the back to pull along your ice fishing tent. Enjoy the great outdoors a bit more when you have products that provide you with an easy to use way to get your important items from here to there.


  • Easily mount your auger to the front, back or side of an ATV
  • You are able to mount your auger on the front or back of a snowmobile
  • Any UTV or side by side auger placements require an additional piece
  • Mount is scratch resistant, so you will not harm the mount, your auger or your vehicle
  • The fully adjustable scratch proof hook clamp secures the auger
  • Go over the toughest of terrains, without losing your auger
  • Securely strap the auger in and cover completely for protection
  • Constructed from high grade aluminum alloy
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 3 in