Blue Tipz tip up alert system

The Deep Freeze BlueTipz Wireless Alert Transmitter is a one of a kind alarm that attaches to any kind of ice fishing tip up. When your flag [...]

Ice Auger Mount for Four Wheeler, Snowmobile & UTV

     Universal Sandwich Style Mount -Easily Mounts on front, side or rear of ATV -Mounts on front or rear of snowmobile -UTV / Side-by-si [...]

One Shot Ice Skimmer Pro Edition – Ice Fishing Scoop

The KING of ice scoops/skimmer – One scoop and DONE!  One Shot Ice Skimmer — Pro Edition will help you clean your ice fishing holes [...]

Ice fishing safety jacket with floation

New for the 2011 Season– Total Safety -Ice Fishing Jacket. The jacket has flotation in it to hold up a 275 lb person, there are Ice Ar [...]

Drop Down Ice Fish House Frame

We provide ultra lightweight, all aluminum fish house frames with a torsion sub axle system so you can add as much or as little to create ju [...]

ATV & Snowmobile Sled / Trailer Tow Hitch

ATV Hitch great for Ice fishing The Front Tow Hitch can be easily installed on all brands of ice sleds. Whether your sled comes with pre-mol [...]

Portable Fish house & Shanty Tie Down Anchor

  This digger Ice Angel is totally new self adjusting tool designed to fit any typical ice fishing hole made by an auger to hold an ice [...]

Pop Up Shelf For Traps

New Product— Our Pop Up Bait Station will fit all the new Pop Up Shelters– the ones where you pull the walls out. It comes with [...]

Fish alarm for portable pullover traps

Our Striker bell for portables flipover traps will fasten to and any pole inside trap. You can leave it on all year. When using simply place [...]

Ice Arm Grips

Ice Arm Grips will fit on any coat, a must for all ice fisherman. These will assist you out of the ice if you fall in. Simply slip over your [...]

Side Baiter with rod holders for portables

The Side Baiter is a great part to be used in any trap or flip over portable. Simply follow the v frame down till snug, then pull the rubber [...]
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